Recently introduced changes to section 72 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 will affect most, if not all, organisations that utilise television broadcasts as part of their offering to customers.

These amendments affect the public showing of TV broadcasts as previously section 72 allowed an exemption of the requirement for having the permission of certain copyright holders, including ‘film’. Film has now been removed as an exemption and opens up the broadcast of film and TV shows via television as a delivery mechanism requiring a licence.

An umbrella licence will be available giving businesses permission from the rightsholders to show the film within their broadcasts, where applicable. This works in the same way, and is in addition to, any required TV licensing or licences from PPL and/or PRS for Music.

Many of our clients received letters towards the end of last year but we were informed that these were sent a little prematurely. We understand that this process will shortly resume and advise any business to contact My Music Solutions in the first instance.

We’ll be meeting with MPLC this month and are perfectly positioned to ensure you’re licensed correctly – just as we’ve done for PRS and PPL licensees during the past few years, saving over £3 million in the process.

We’ll be adding a full FAQ section to our website in the very near future but here’s what we can currently share.

  • If you do not play films and TV programmes at your premises, no licence is required.
  • There are exemptions to the licence fee including sports, music and news channels (if these are the only channels broadcast the customers or staff.)
  • The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act prescribes damages for infringement of copyright that may subject you to substantial fines and penalties.
  • MMS can help with applications to the MPLC (or through UK Active if you are a gym operator and member), discounts are available.