Music is an important fixture at this group of stylish city and country house hotels, and subsequently a significant financial outlay. They didn’t have the resource to fully investigate their music use and allowed MMS to undertake a full review. The thoughts of one of the company directors was as follows:

As financial director for a chain of four star country house and city hotels, my time is limited to say the least. The window for renewing our music licence was, quite honestly, one of the more stressful times of my working year. Having to get in touch with all of our sites, speak to each of our managers and incorporate every bit of music usage into the application was a difficult feat. I was delighted to hear of MMS and they managed to take the pressure off me straightaway. They ensured all of our properties knew exactly what information they needed to provide and helped my managers work out this information, too. Their knowledge of the tariffs is comprehensive, which enabled them to drill down the numbers and determine our exact figures.  I was truly shocked to discover our fees had reduced by over £49,000 across 2 years. To have that level of expertise available to us has been invaluable. I’d be more than happy to recommend MMS to anyone who feels they might need help with their music licences.