We’ve worked with over 350 leisure sites so far saving over £130,000 for them each licence year. Our specific process is ideally suited to this sector as the multiple contact points from PRO to site means things can often get lost during communication. We take on responsibility for all data flow between the premises and PROs and are on hand both electronically and on the phone to answer any queries sites may have. This also works the other way as we query any figures that look out of the ordinary. Here’s what one of the largest leisure operators in the UK made of the process:

We have a huge number of sites which deal with many different types of music use. Being able to co-ordinate this process annually became a burden for both myself and my staff. There were a number of touch points within the business, firstly me then my area managers and finally site managers. This meant the level of detail and accuracy of the information we were providing, although our best efforts, could not always be guaranteed.

When we met the guys from MMS and they showed us examples of their previous work it became clear that this was something that could prove valuable. As well as organizing this years review and saving us a staggering £60,000 across 2 years, they sorted out lots of legacy issues so we’re fully back on track, we look forward to working with them in the coming years.