We were approached by a national bar operator, with a large portfolio of popular city centre locations, to audit their extensive entertainment and music programme. As with all our clients, we took responsibility for checking and verifying the information previously provided by site managers and got to the true numbers using our easy to complete and sector specific questionnaire.  Here’s what their Financial Controller said about the process:

Entertainment is key to our business. We know how important and necessary it is to get our music licence renewal correct. I always had a feeling that we could do more to increase accuracy and ensure the licence was a true reflection of what music we were using. We needed a fresh look at our tariffs across the board. My Music, with their expertise in the internal workings and processes meant that they were able to completely restructure each site by identifying a significant number of inaccuracies in our current licence profile. These inaccuracies ranged from us incurring a double-charge to the incorrect tariff structure being applied. We had been making too broad a generalisation rather than using true figures. It seemed easier at the time but how wrong we were. We just couldn’t find the time to look into it, so asked MMS as specialists to investigate. They took control of the whole process. They liaised with all of the performing rights organisations, they got in touch with all our site managers, and made our application as accurate as possible. When our savings peaked £96,000 – over a 20% cut – we knew MMS had done their job and ours.

With hundreds of sites closing every month it’s increasingly difficult for pubs, working mens clubs and other venues to stay afloat. We’ve been working with licensees to help them understand their bills and ensure they’re as accurate as possible, with some incredibly satisfying results.

We were approach 2 years ago by a representative from one of the performing rights organisations who said we weren’t being charged properly. As we serve food they said part of our premises should be charged as a restaurant. This meant our fees more than doubled overnight. I was introduced to Rob at My Music by a mutual business acquaintance who said he’s take a look at our invoices to see if any improvement could be made. It was discovered that we had been incorrectly advised and should have been charged as a pub, and just a pub, all along. Rob handles all of the transition for us and saved the business 56% of our previous fees.

– Owner of 2 pubs in the North West

We were looking at how we could save money on our music licensing, and as a starting point, we asked My Music to take a look at the invoices for our standalone working men’s club in Durham. We were paying around £3,000 per year and I had an inkling that this was disproportionate to our usage but, I couldn’t see where the savings could be made. MMS reviewed these invoices and took a detailed look at our club. They identified that the music licence organisation hadn’t explained the tariff process to us properly, meaning we were subject to a large overpayment. Not only did we receive a refund for three year’s worth of fees but we got a cheque for the balance, too!

– Club Secretary, Working Mens Club