Music licence agencies are currently undertaking a number of audits of licence holders, as part of ongoing revenue assurance programmes.

Existing music licence holders are being contacted and instructed to open their doors – their files, and their accounts – to third parties.

These examinations are carried out by forensic auditors, who don’t come cheap – so what tends to follow is a bill, usually backdated, and payable by the licensee.

This process could present a challenge to businesses – and we would urge anybody who has received a letter advising them that they are to be audited, to get in touch with MMS quickly, before it is arranged.

If you are due to have an audit soon, you should:

  • Retain careful control of your information and only hand over what you are legally required to.
  • Ensure the invoicing process is crystal clear: ask if, and when, you can expect to receive a revised invoice for changes in music use.
  • Speak to us: we can help to make sure that your licence remains an accurate reflection of the music you are actually using and advise if you have savings to make and we can do this at no cost to you.

In short, contact My Music Solutions asap. If you have already been contacted for an audit, or had an audit carried out, it’s not too late.

We recently began working with two companies, who have been retrospectively billed for amounts of £1.5m and £0.45m. We have helped to provide a more accurate representation of their music use, but it is always preferable to be involved at the start of discussions.

My Music Solutions also takes care of your annual renewals but does not simply provide a ‘check and send’ service like some music licensing advisors out there. We take the time to fully understand music use, at each and every one of our clients’ premises giving peace of mind and accurate, compliant licensing moving forward.

If you are yet to receive a notification, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one on its way. This issue is likely to be more of a challenge for any businesses that operate across a number of sites – leisure and health clubs, bar operators, restaurant and hotel groups etc have all been targeted, though it can affect most employers.

If you are at any stage of the audit process, speak to us today and we’ll give you an honest appraisal of whether or not we can help.