Public Performance Music Licence Reviews and Declarations

We know the music licensing process better than anyone. Which means you don’t have to. We’ll support and understand your business so when the time comes to renew, your licence will be in safe hands. My Music Solutions will do the hard work for you. We’ll get a firm grasp on what your music usage is, in every one of your sites, to make sure that you’re licensed in the correct categories under PRS for Music and PPL tariffs. Our friendly consultants are on hand to offer the unrivalled support and guidance they’re known for.

My Music Solutions hold over 30 years of recent, relevant experience working with and for the UKs performing rights organisations. During that time we’ve helped shape their policies, systems and processes so we’re uniquely placed to ensure you’re paying the correct amount each year. If we take a look at your use and discover there aren’t any savings to be made, we won’t charge you a penny but you still get the same great service – guaranteed.


There aren’t many scenarios we haven’t seen here at My Music, so whether you have a query or dispute on your bill, want to know what your options are regarding resolutions or complaints with the PRO’s or if your being charged under the best possible tariffs we can help.

We’ve worked with a number of trade associations too, helping them work through negotiations and have provided important feedback during tariff consultations. We’re in a unique position to be able to work through real world scenarios with actual customer data from multiple sources to benefit a whole sector.

Royalty Free Music

We also know the ins and outs of music that is exempt from licence fees altogether. This sector has moved on greatly in recent years, with hundreds of thousands of great quality tracks to choose from and huge reductions in outlay.

This can be particularly useful in retail where a recent study showed unfamiliar yet good quality music improved dwell times and reduced the likelihood of distraction and annoyance by two thirds. Big tickets sales floors have an incredible amount to gain through the use of royalty free music.

Intellectual Property Services

For all matters IP we’ve teamed up with Kounoupias IP, a boutique Intellectual Property business consultancy set up to help businesses understand, manage and protect their intellectual property.  Its CEO and founder Nick Kounoupias is a solicitor and was, for 16 years, Head of Litigation at MCPS and PRS for Music. Nick has extensive experience in the law and practice of collecting societies licensing and practice. He has helped shaped Government policy on collecting societies and has represented them many times before the Copyright Tribunal. Click here to visit their website.