It has recently been reported that the UK hotel business is one of the strongest in the world. If it’s not our beautiful scenery and plentiful hotspots that our oversees visitors enjoy, it has to be our famous hospitality. An area all you hoteliers do rather well *pat yourselves in the back* A lot of our clients in the hospitality trade often find difficulty in getting away and forgetting the stresses of running a successful business.

With this in mind, MMS are here to ‘cater’ for your every whim when the time comes to start your PRS for Music and PPL licence renewals. We’ll liaise with all of your premises directly as well as all of the dealing with the PROs, you only thing you’ll need to worry about is checking our report and the savings we’ve made. And if we don’t save you money in year one, we won’t charge you a penny. Guaranteed! An FD from one of the UK’s largest hotel chains had this to say:

As financial director for a chain of four star country house and city hotels, my time is limited to say the least. The window for renewing our music licence was, quite honestly, one of the more stressful times of my working year. Having to get in touch with all of our sites, speak to each of our managers and incorporate every bit of music usage into the application was a difficult feat. I was delighted to hear from MMS and they managed to take the pressure off us straightaway. They ensured all of our properties knew exactly what information they needed to provide. They helped my managers work out this information, too. They knew the tariffs inside and out which enabled them to drill down the numbers like no one else. They used analytics alongside their ‘inside knowledge’ of the processes to determine our exact figures. I was truly shocked to discover our fees had reduced by over £49,000 across 2 years. To have that level of expertise available to us has been invaluable. I’d be more than happy to recommend MLS to anyone who feels they might need help with their music licenses.

We’ll keep you happy, leaving you to keep your guests happy. Pick up your phone and call 0191 260 0708 today and leave the nightmare of music licensing to us.