The British are known to be some of the most hospitable people on earth, so it’s little wonder that millions flock to our great island each year to stay in our sumptuous hotels, eat our delicious food and sample our great gin and ales. It’s not easy ensuring that our visitors are well looked after. We’ve come to understand from our clients some of the secrets of running successful hotels, restaurants and bars – and well, we have to take our hat off to them. And if doing all this isn’t stressful and time consuming enough, they have to deal with all of the difficult business admin that comes with it.

Here at My Music Solutions, we’re proud to say that there’s one area we can help with. Possibly one the most frustrating of all, or so our customers tell us – the music licence renewal process, that occurs every year. A licence, which if not done correctly, could cost thousands of pounds and the threat of further penalties from the UKs performing rights organisations. All of this can be avoided if you pick up your phone and give us a call today. We will make the whole music licence malarkey a breeze. We’re so confident that if we don’t help you save both time and money, we’ll not charge you a penny!