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Overview of MMS help during Covid-19 and beyond...

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What does the process of renewing your music & TV licenses with

My Music Solutions look like?

Below are a few of the areas we think we could help your business with as things start to move again following the Covid-19 pandemic. Much of the great work we were doing before things locked down still applies so additional savings could be available for 19/20 too!



Our staff all have recent, relevant experience working within the music licensing organisations meaning we know the process inside and out. In fact, we collectively have over 50 years working with the tariffs and understanding the best way they should be applied.



We're good at what we do, and have a relentless approach to discovering where improvements can be made for our customers.

Average clients have saved 19% since we started 2014 with our best results topping 50%. We'll get you credits for the year you've already paid for and a reduction going forward, meaning some clients have actually received a credit. 

In addition, there are the hours of work you can put directly back into your business knowing that this, admin heavy, task is being taken care of.


Technology & Process

We've been developing our systems over a number of years to give our clients the smoothest process available. Bespoke links to secure forms, optimised for mobile, allow our customers to complete on the go looking a real world situations and get to the most accurate data. Need to view information held in the office? No problem. The desktop solution is equally as user friendly.

We call this system liSense and it can even pre-populate details from last years declaration so you know the difference between last year and this.

We also provide light access totally free of charge on our website so people can get independent estimates on music use costs for single sites - in seconds. 

In addition, you have a full audit trail to what's been completed should you ever need to refer back.


Understanding of Covid-19 implications

Because we already look after thousands of premises we have a good understanding, by sector, of how each industry is responding. So if you're in hospitality we know how social distancing is effecting the number of covers people are expecting to be able to cater for. What entertainment is possible? Is it best to cancel all karaoke indefinitely? (Some free advice for you - the answer to that is yes.)

Each client will have their own specific set of issues that we may be able to help shed some light on. There's a good chance something similar is happening elsewhere.

The most important thing of all though is that we will, of course, keep you fully compliant but at the same time retain as much money in your business as possible.



Last but not least...

Cost is alway a consideration when looking at this type of thing so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to try what we do and see the benefits.


  • It's 100% free to find out if we can help. All we need to see is your latest set of bills, ask a few questions and we'll have a good idea if improvements can be made. There's no obligation and if you're in good shape we'll give you the thumbs up and send you on your way.

  • You'll never pay more than we save you. No matter what, your year one interaction with us will be totally cost neutral.

  • We'll always agree our fee in advance whether it be a fixed fee or a percentage of savings. No surprises.

  • Already using a check and send service? We believe we're different and will get a better result - and our processes will let us do this in a more efficient way. So if you use someone to do something similar for you we guarantee to beat their fees by 15%.

We're trusted by some of the UK finest brands and institutions and we'd love to help as many companies as we possibly can, now more than ever.

Email with any questions at all and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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