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About Us

My Music Solutions was set up after we realised business as usual already keeps you so busy, the annual music licence renewal can be an unwelcome distraction.


Fail to give it the proper care and attention, and it can become as costly one too.


Since our founding in 2014 we’ve saved our clients almost £8m and countless hours of research, emails, calls and negotiation by taking responsibility for the collation and calculation of your PPL PRS returns. We now do MPLC and TV licensing too.

We've spent the past 2 years working on systems that we know will make your life easier. It's great that the PPL PRS joint venture means there's now only one renewal date and invoice but most licensees are still having, in most cases, to collate separate information for each society.

We create bespoke online forms that capture all required information in the fewest possible questions. These can be issued to any number of sites as a link and submitted directly back to our team. No spreadsheets, no collating emails.

We currently work with 8,000 sites across the UK including: pubs & bars, hotels, leisure, fitness, entertainment, sports stadia, warehousing, offices and retail. We look after independent premises and groups of hundreds of sites with equal care.

Our staff is made up of former PPL and PRS for Music employees with over 45 years in the music licensing business. They’re on hand to make the experience of accurately licensing your business as straight forward as possible.

We love music, and believe writers and artists should be paid fairly and accurately for their work.

We also believe that businesses deserve the same levels of fairness and accuracy when declaring and calculating their music licenses. And that's what we're here for.


Rob Gilbert


Being National Account Manager at PRS For Music gave me a great insight into the issues companies face when it comes to accurately completing their music, mplc and tv licence returns.

As well as all of the logistical issues, there can be hundreds of touch points and different interpretations of both tariffs and what's required. MMS  provide  a consistency and knowledge that's seen us make some incredible savings for our clients. They really like that we do all the admin too!


Favourite album title:

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, The Prodigy.


Stacey Mills

Business Support

I worked in both the corporate and corporate new business teams at PRS For Music looking after clients across multiple sectors and values.

My role at MMS is both customer facing and back office focused, managing and scheduling renewals, finance and communications.

First gig:

Watch the Throne, Jay-Z and Kanye West


Calvin Grant

Digital Product Manager

Having worked at PRS for Music and the PPL PRS joint venture for 4 years, I gained a lot of insight into how the music licensing industry works. I'm now use my passion for technology and the knowledge gained at PPL PRS to focus on developing our systems to help licensees have tools and processes not previously available to them.

I created liSense to help customers find out the cost of their music usage without the hassle of contacting PPL PRS. I will continue rolling out a digital strategy to enable better licensing solutions for all customers. 

First album bought:

Fugees, The Score


Scott Neeson

Senior Consultant

Having been in music licensing for almost 15 years there aren't too many situations I haven't seen. I work hard to ensure my clients get the best possible licence fees and the smoothest possible experience.

Although I have clients across all sectors, I have specific responsibility for the fitness industry, collating information on hundreds of thousands of exercise classes and ensuring their accurate declaration. I also work with the majority of our stadium clients and the nuance of the tariffs that cover this use. MMS look after around 40% of the premier league and championship and have achieved great results in this sector.

Favorite album:

Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen

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