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Music licence audit? We can help.

Has your business recently been audited or had a ‘royalty examination’ to verify your historical music use?

Did you fully understand the process, your liabilities and the outcomes? Were you presented with an invoice for additional licence fees?

If you run a business that plays music in public areas – bars, pubs, clubs, hotels, football clubs, gyms and leisure centres, shops, and so on – then you will have to pay a music licence.

Currently the performing rights organisations are auditing businesses to ensure their declared music use is accurate.

We can help you if:

  • You have an audit coming up

  • You are in the middle of an audit

  • You’ve had an audit in the past two years

Basically, we can help at any stage of the process. Our work has already seen us save hundreds of thousands of pounds for licensees during this process.

Detailed, forensic service

Unlike some, we don’t just offer a ‘check and send’ service. We take the time to fully understand your music use, at each and every one of our clients’ premises, giving peace of mind and accurate, compliant licensing moving forward.

Call us immediately if you have had a music licence audit recently or have one coming up. We can help save you time and money, and it’s completely free to find out.

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