• Rob Gilbert

Are you entitled to payment terms from PPL PRS?

Updated: Oct 1

Rewind the clock 4/5 months, a PPL PRS bill lands in your inbox or with your finance team with 28 day payments terms swiftly followed up by calls and email. 3rd party collectors on hand after that with all of the usual follow up you'd expect.

Present day and current renewals have a very different feel, and we commend PPL PRS for their understanding and flexibility since the Covid 19 outbreak when it comes to renewals and payment terms.

We have been able to negotiate a wide range of payment terms and solutions for our clients depending on situation or sector, with them often being tied in with our assistance when it comes to forecasting the year ahead - or linked to additional refunds we've achieved for the past 12 months.

So the short answer is yes, most companies will be given additional flexibility to pay licence fees for 2020/21. But, if you want to ensure you're maximising this opportunity and all of the other savings available to you, contact us first to see if we can help.


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