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Introducing liSense. The PPL PRS fee calculation tool.

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

liSense is our new fee calculation engine designed to take the hassle out of budgeting for your music licence.

We've opened up the technology we've been utilising for our larger corporate clients to everyone.

By visiting our website, anyone can complete a few simple questions regarding how they use music in their business and receive a free estimate in just a few minutes.

As always, our staff are on hand to help with any queries and to nail down exact use if needed. The form covers most of the common areas of usage but if you're a niche business, or you have multiple sites, get in touch and we'll create something for you.

liSense also offers detailed reporting so you can see how music is used in your business and build a picture of changes over time.

As we celebrate our 6th birthday we're delighted to be launching something we're sure will help music users everywhere.

Since 2014 we've saved nearly £7m for our clients and achieve savings of 18% on average. We offer a no saving - no fee model for new clients so you really have nothing to lose.

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