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New PPL PRS joint venture - how might it affect you?

With the impending launch of PPLPRS Ltd, the new joint venture from the UK’s music performing rights organisations, we wanted to publish some initial thoughts on how best to handle the coming changes.

They may have, or will soon be, writing to you to explain how things will work from now on, and we’ll leave that part to them. But we do want to provide some practical perspective when your next review comes around based on what we know about the process so far.

The Good

Some of you will have always had aligned renewal dates for both licenses, but for those that didn’t you’ll now only have to think about your music licensing once per year – a definite plus point. We’re huge fans of anything that simplifies things for licensees and we’re hopeful that will be the case.

The Bad

For the foreseeable future, nothing will dramatically change for apart from the joint invoice. You’ll still be required to research, calculate and provide 2 separate sets of information where the tariffs require it, think evolution not revolution.

As data is now being shared as part of the collaboration, any errors previously provided to one society could double. Where there is a discrepancy, which data will be used?

We firmly believe in the licensing process but also that you should only ever pay for the music you use; so it’s more important than ever that as the information is thoroughly reviewed.

The Solution

To make the process as smooth as possible My Music Solutions’ clients allow us to take control of the whole process. With over 40 years’ experience in music licensing we’ve helped customers from working men’s clubs to Wembley Stadium (and all sorts in-between) save over £4.2m in the past 4 years.

It’s totally cost neutral to find out if we can help; we’ll review your current licensing arrangements totally free of charge and we only charge a percentage fee if we’re able to achieve savings. No saving – no fee.

We’d love to have a chat and help you through the transition when your licenses are up for review. You can get in touch with us anytime by emailing 

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