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Why you should let us take a look at your music licenses...

As anyone who's been to a networking event knows, it can be difficult to sum up what your business does in just a few sentences. When I started My Music Solutions in early 2014 I had a idea of what I wanted to do, how we could help people and how the business would operate.

Nearly 3 years later, lots of those ideas have changed and morphed in the best possible way as we get involved in many more areas than we could have conceived at the start. And it's been a fantastic ride so far.

Our core function, our reason for being, however, has remained constant and I'll do my best to articulate that now:

We help our clients maximise savings on their PRS for Music & PPL licenses by ensuring they only ever pay for the music they actually use

This, of course, requires lots of actions - but when you become a client of MMS, these actions become ours. We take responsibility for the collation and completion of the required data, send it back to the performing rights organisations and make sure the subsequent quotes and invoices are correct. Allowing you to concentrate on the important things.

This may not mean savings for every site, what we strive for is accuracy. What we have found, now having completed returns for over 950 premises across the UK is that the trend has been very much towards over spending in this area. The combination of not understanding the 70+ tariffs for music use, time constraints, and in many cases, an admirable but unnecessary attitude that too much is better than not enough has led to us being able to identify average reductions of 22% for clients in year one. Our biggest success (for a premiership football club) saw their exposure fall by a staggering 49%.

No saving - no fee

I'm not a huge fan of the phrase but I can't think of a better one to articulate the simplicity of the offering. To make trying our service as easy as possible, we will analyse your licenses and look at your current fees for free. If we can't make improvements you have the option to walk away, happy in the knowledge that your fees are broadly correct. Or, we'll complete your renewal for free to show you how we can make still have a significant impact on your business by giving you hours of your life back.

If we can save you money, we simply ask for a share of the reductions/credits we are able to achieve.

In both scenarios for year 2 and beyond, we agree a low fixed fee in advance and you can relax in the knowledge that your licence is as it should be (without having to do all of the donkey work!)

Both we, and our clients, have been using these words a lot recently. No matter the size of your business, the sector in which you operate or how well looked after you think your licence is. Why not get it double checked by industry experts with a unique insight into what has been done at other similar operations and a sense of how your industry is feeling about music licensing?

You really do have nothing to lose.

Get in touch through the website or call me personally on 07769 333434, I'd be happy to discuss any queries you have.

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